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Maritime Cyber Defense Solution

Maritime Cyber Defense Solution

Over 200,000 vessels sail exposed to cyber attacks.

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Naval Dome's Cyber Attack Demonstration

To demonstrate a ship’s vulnerability to cyber-attacks, Naval Dome’s engineering team, performed a series of cyber attacks on live navigation systems, engine and other machinery control systems.

The attacks were able to shift the vessel’s reported position, mislead the radar display, turn on and disable machinery, and override the fuel control, steering and ballast systems.


Naval Dome’s unique system is based on cutting edge technology

Naval Dome provides users with a maritime multilayer cyber defense solution for mission critical onboard systems.

The First Maritime Multilayer Cyber Defense Solution For Mission Critical Onboard Systems.

based on cutting edge technology.

Blocks Internal Attacks
Creates secure onboard working environment.
Does not allow to install or connect unauthorized device.
Local cyber alert.
Real time anomaly - detection and alert (Vessel behavior, Sensors, Systems).
Blocks External Attacks
Detect and block malicious files.
Protect all data delivered to the vessel.
Remote secured repairing.
HQ Cyber Alert.
Secure software and data update from HQ and Manufacturer.
Product unique advantage
Integrates with existing systems and software.
No further installation needed on your systems.
Requires no human intervention.
HQ Dashboard Provides
Cyber Alert.
A diverse overview of the fleet

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