Naval Dome has developed the world’s most complete and secure maritime cyber defense solution for mission critical onboard system.

Itai Sela founded NavalDome in March 2016. Itai had spent his career in the Israeli Special Forces and Navy. As part of this work he was heavily involved in electronic and communications warfare. Having seen first-hand the increase in Operational Technology “OT” cyber-attacks he understood the need for a new set of strategy and technologies to fight the coming “OT” individual, corporate and state sponsored attacks.

He teamed up with a long-time friend, Asaf Shefi who served as the division commander of the Israeli Navy’s first focused Cyber Defense Unit. The two of them then signed up their first venture funding from Elron venture partners with Ray Car-Carriers as the lead funding partner. Yohai Bar Zakay joined as VP Business Development with vast cyber knowledge as he had been second in command of Israel’s famed 8200 Cyber Intelligence Unit.

The team focused on building out their first TAS series of products for the Commercial Fleet, Port, Oil & Gas, Military and OEM OT suppliers. They gained the highest level of cyber security rating in the industry and have never looked back as they continue to build the first and only Operational Technology “OT” Cyber Security company.

Naval Dome is led by Israeli ex-navy officers and cyber defense experts.

Commander (ret.) Former Israeli Navy Seals, Missile Ship Commander, MBA, Maritime Policy & Strategy Research fellow, Haifa University

Itai Sela

Former Cofounder & VP Strategy/Biz Dev at VidScale (Acquired by Ericsson), Former VP Product Mgmt at Movik Networks, Former GM at Bharti Airtel, PhD in Electrical Engineering

Ram Krishnan
VP Technical Implementation

Rear Adm (Ret.) Former Head of Naval Operations of the Israeli Navy, Graduate of Israel NDC, BSc Computer Science, MA Social Science

Ido Ben Moshe
VP Business Development

Spent 25 years focusing on entrepreneurship, marketing, and out-of-the-box ideas for joint projects. Expert in international marketing and matching business intelligence and inter-personal capabilities to market products and ideas. BA Psychology. EMPH in Emergency and Disaster management

Paola Rossi
VP Marketing and Sales

Former head of VidScale (acquired by Ericsson), Former head of Blackwave (acquired by Juniper Networks). MBA MIT Sloan School of Management, BS MIT

Robert Rizika
Head of North America Ops

Over 10 years of security-focused software management experience. Led development of multiple financial applications. Former head of onboarding for VidScale (acquired by Ericsson). BCS from University of Waterloo

Trevor Keith
VP Product Management

Advisory Board

Captain (Ret.) former head of the Israeli Naval C4 & Cyber Defense Unit. ex-CTO at Naval Dome BSc Nuclear Engineer ME Systems Engineering, Maritime Policy & Strategy Research fellow, Haifa University

Asaf Shefi

Colonel (Ret.), former Deputy Commander of the IDF’s Cyber Intelligence Unit (8200)

Yohai Bar zakay

Co-founder, founder and CEO at Playtrex, BSc Industrial Engineering and Business Management, former Commander of a combat information center in an Israeli Navy ship

Daniel Kashmir

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