The new face of piracy: cyber crime is threatening the shipping industry

This is the new piracy. It’s very easy to lock your systems onboard a ship ..

Luke Graham,CITYAM.COM

Added on 26 November 2018

Cyber Monday: how shipping reacts to security threats

Shipping needs protection as it is in the firing line of cyber threats” ...

Martyn Wingrove

Added on 26 November 2018


The decision by BIMCO, the international shipowners’ association, to introduce a cyber security clause into its charter party agreements and other contracts has been welcomed by Naval Dome” ...


Added on 26 November 2018

Naval Dome Calls on Insurers to Revoke Clause CL 380

Naval Dome has called on marine insurers to revoke the controversial Clause CL 380 and implement policies that insure against the risk of cyber-attacks on ship systems. ..

The Maritime Executive

Added on 19 September 2018

Stamco PCTCs installed with Naval Dome Endpoint

Naval Dome Endpoint installation took one hour to complete during the vessel’s port stay in Piraeus” ...

Added on 17 October 2018

BIMCO Cyber Clause Welcomed by Naval Dome

It is anticipated that the cyber clause will be included in BIMCO contracts from May 2019” ...

The Maritime Executive

Added on 26 November 2018

New Yacht Reference for Naval Dome Cyber Protection

yacht owners and managers are aware of the consequences of a cyber attack ..

The Maritime Executive

Added on 30 August 2018

Naval Dome warns of continuing threat from Cosco cyber attack

Naval Dome ceo Itai Sela has warned that the cyber attack on Cosco Shipping Line’s Long Beach terminal customer service centre could easily spread to its ships” ...

Vincent Wee,Asia Editor, Seatrade Maritime News

Added on 27 July 2018

m/y “Lucky Me” provides yacht reference for Naval Dome Cyber Protection

Naval Dome was selected for M.Y LUCKY ME because its product is “proven to protect” ...

Added on 30 AUGUST 2018

Meet the very best of maritime ambition; success and innovation

Naval Dome’s team is delighted to win the Seatrade Cyber Security Award 2018 ..

Seatrade Awards

Added on 29 June 2018

Human Element Is Part Of The Maritime Cyber Problem

The biggest maritime cyber issue is the internal attack and the human element,” ...

Added on 26 june 2018

Lloyd's List 2018 Americas Awards - The Winners

Cyber Security Innovation Award Naval Dome” ...

Lloyd's List

Added on 24 May 2018

Naval Dome: Learning from cyber attacks

“Naval Dome is making efforts to establish a deeper understanding and openness to the maritime cyber threat ...

Added on 21 May 2018


“The award raise awareness of the importance of protecting ship systems from a cyber-attack,” ...

By Jake Frith

Added on 19 Apr 2018

Naval Dome To Secure Stamco Ship Management’s Car Carrier Fleet Against Cyber Intrusion

Naval Dome is protecting the Stamco Ship Management fleet of PCTCs against cyber attack...

hellenic shipping news

Added on 14 Apr 2018

Naval Dome MCPS Shortlisted for Marine Innovation & Intelligence Awards

The advanced multi-layered cyber defence solution developed by Israel-based Naval Dome has been shortlisted...

Priyanka Ann Saini, Sea News

Added on 12 Mar 2018

Naval Dome Welcomes Siemens’ Charter Of Trust Initiative

The maritime industry cannot afford to be complacent ..

hellenic shipping news

Added on 21 May 2018

Cyber security tests on Zim Genova containership demonstrate Naval Dome solution

Naval Dome has successfully completed the pilot testing of its multi-layered cyber security system for...


Added on 05 Feb 2018

Nightmare Scenario: Ship Critical Systems Easy Target for Hackers

Hackers can easily access and over-ride ship critical systems, results of a series of cyber penetration tests conducted...

World maritime news

Added on 2018

Defeating the Cybermen: what do the cybermen have in store for 2018?

As we near the end of a year in which the maritime industry was made painfully aware of the commercial...

Patrik Wheater, MCIJ

Added on 15 Dec 2017

Totem Plus Navigation and Automation Systems to be Offered with Naval Dome Cyber Protection

Totem Plus is to offer its customers Naval Dome’s cyber defence solution as...


Added on 28 Nov 2017

Naval Dome to develop
cyber security standards for ships

Israel-based cyber security specialist Naval Dome has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with LR aimed at...

Lloyd's Register

Added on 11 Nov 2017

Ships are riddled
with malware

Shipowners should conduct IT audits, remove infected systems, update antivirus software and consider more advanced firewall...

Martyn Wingrove

Added on 07 Jun 2017

Naval Dome responds to Clarksons cyber attack

The announcement yesterday that ship broker Clarksons confirmed its computer systems were breached in a major cyber-security attack is ...

All About Shipping

Added on Nov 30 2017

Cyberattacks on GPS leave ships
sailing in dangerous waters

After years of worries about the vulnerability of ship-borne GPS to jamming and spoofing, a handful...

John E Dunn

Added on 07 Aug 2017

NotPetya ransomware attack
cost us $300m

The world's largest container shipping biz has revealed the losses it suffered after getting hit by the NotPetya...

Iain Thomson

Added on 16 Aug 2017

Does U.S Destroyer Crash
Was Caused by Cyberattack

The military is examining whether compromised computer systems were responsible for one of two U.S. Navy destroyer...

Elias Groll

Added on 14 Sep 2017

Maersk attack: Wake up shipowners
to the cyber threats

The Maersk cyber attack should be a wake-up call for the shipping industry, explains editor Martyn Wingrove.

Martyn Wingrove

Added on 05 Jul 2017

Shipping industry faces risks from cybercrime and mega-ship salvage

Safety and shipping review identifies developments that will be causing sector headaches for years to come.

The Guardian

Added on 21 Mar 2016

Cyber Penetration Tests Underscore
Maritime Industry’s Nightmare

Naval Dome has demonstrated the maritime industry’s nightmare security scenario with a series...

Piracy and Security News

Added on 22 Dec 2017

LR and Naval Dome for
maritime cyber security standards

Israel-based cyber security company Naval Dome has signed a memorandum of understanding with Lloyd’s Register (LR) with the aim of...


Added on 10 Nov 2017

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