NavalDome has developed a comprehensive OT cyber defense solution for mission critical onboard systems.

In a world where operational technology (OT) of critical infrastructure is under escalating attacks, NavalDome can uniquely offer a SL-4 level cybersecurity solution to keep critical infrastructure operational. NavalDome is committed to the application of technology to provide cybersecurity at sea. With a heritage of maritime operational experience, NavalDome’s innovative “INSIDE-OUT” security platform aims to rapidly reduce risk and secure asset critical safety systems reliably, predictably, whilst providing a reduced total cost of ownership and improved fleet lifecycle management. This allows our clients to securely benefit from the rapid uptake of digitalization, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and remote operation technologies for both their industrial missions and for a smooth transition into the 21st century+ maritime environment. With an eye to the future, NavalDome’s solutions are designed to keep both crews and their vessel operations safe at sea, today.

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